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So a little explanation, I have a nephew who loves the Yvis song “What Does the Fox Say?”. He is toddler who will begin to dance the moment he hears that song. So I had the idea to turn a Speak and Say into a “What Does the Fox Say?” Speak and Say. The idea being that when the spinner landed on the fox, a clip from the song would play and when it landed on the other animals only their natural sounds would play.

This turned out to be a fairly complicated task. I had to completely redo the electronics inside and 3D print some parts, including a new spinning pointer. I also had to have new art for the animals, and for that I enlisted my amazing girlfriend/artist Brittany to illustrate them. I think it turned out great (plus it works perfectly), and my nephew loves it!

Check out the art I did for this nifty lil toy! It’s really cool and you can watch it in action on Nathan’s blog. :)



Still hoping to finish something more with these, but I haven’t been posting too well lately so here are some sketches~

Game of Thronesssssss

Accidentally posted to the wrong blog ooooops


My Disney Infinity characters don’t seem complete without a home. With that in mind i decided Elsa wanted to live in her Ice Castle :) Designed in Rhino, 3D printed on a Flashforge Creator, and hand painted. More homes for my characters coming soon!

Hey all! I know I haven’t updated you with much art lately, but I thought I would share something my partner made!

He’s got more to come and they’re really cool. If you’re at all into Disney Infinity (or if you’re like me and just like the figures) you should definitely check these out, they’re super cool. Follow for cool 3D design projects!

…and more to come from me soon I promise! Working on a bunch of patterns for swimsuits again~

If you’ve been following me on instagram you know I’m pretty in love with Frozen. Sat down and did a pretty quick Elsa for fun and thought I would share~

Oh, also an Instagram update! If you wanna follow I’m BeeUpton over thereeee

Anyway, some random doodles, more Cersei and even a Cat woman!

Just another sketch, finished stuff on the way soon!

Looooooove my wacommmmmm

Been working on a project that will *hopefully* be somewhat polished for the start of the new season of Game of Thrones!

In the mean time, thought I would post a sketch of my least favorite woman on the show.



First day at work


Finally got all settled in my post-grad life! I graduated college just before Thanksgiving and have moved down to Florida to work with the Walt Disney Company for a few months (and hopefully more!)

Anyway, I should be more active now that I have a computer set up again. To start it up, here’s a quick thank you I made for all the people who’ve supported me through this journey and for all the people who’ve followed me all this time.

Thank you so much for your support and I’m wishing you the best in the new year!

Another photo dump of sketches from my Instagram!

Bubblegum man, bubble gummm.

So I started watching the Walking Dead…by which I mean I marathoned all three seasons.

Quick, silly illustration of a Cat Queen~

Serious Halloween kick this year.